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Anti Porn movement is NOT dead!

This is the article link for GOP platform discussing waning pro and con Porn which I refuted author via email 

The following is the refute email to article link above.  Please comment if you wish.

Good afternoon.

Your article entitled

The Waxing and Waning GOP Crusade Against Pornography, concerns me deeply.

Allow me to excerpt from this piece and comment accordingly.

If Rick Santorum had his way, the GOP would attack child pornography and pornography starring consenting adults.

There are laws on the books that prohibit adult obscene material to be delivered through all the media vectors. They are not being enforced by the DOJ sir.

That is to say, he’d go no farther than the planks uncontroversially adopted in 2004, and perhaps less far than the language of 1992. As yet, he hasn’t called for a crusade.

I would applaud him if he had the guts to tell it like it is. Are you aware sir that DMST Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking exists because of demand and that has its’ roots in adult obscene materials?

The Pennsylvania senator’s position hasn’t changed much over the years. But the United States has.We’ve seen an unprecedented normalization of pornography, thanks largely to changes in technology. The explosion of pornographic material also has coincided with falling crime, including rape ,

Please provide your non biased source of data study accomplished in an experiential or experimental that produced such distortion of fact and led you to publish this section of this article.

so it is increasingly difficult to persuade any empirically-minded person that one drives the other.

Please see my note above sir.

And even people who find the ubiquity of pornography demeaning or harmful generally accept that a society cannot be free, hooked up to the Internet, and stop pornography.

Please prove to me with your empirical mindset that the ever present existence of porn is as some say a first amendment right. The US Supreme Court has ruled that such is not the case .

There are, finally, more voters than ever who would rebel if anyone made the attempt.

The rebellion would occur to abolish porn not to keep it if americans really knew that porn degrades women to an object of abuse and violence. As a journalist, do you remember Ted Bundy?

That’s why I predict that the language in the next GOP platform won’t go beyond child pornography.

I hope that your prediction is wrong sir. Perhaps this GOP candidacy will be willing to speak the truth about this multi-billion industry that is destroying lives while it thinks itself as innocent consenting entertainment.

And if it does, it’ll turn out to be the last gasp of an anti-porn movement that cannot win.

The anti-porn movement has already won sir. The only thing holding back the demise of porn is the lack of law enforcement

Thanks for your time.

Jeffrey L. Combs

Knights Against Trafficking


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